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Shipping Package Services


TITAN recommends the most suitable and cheapest transportation for customer. There are usually 4 ways, By Container, By Ro-Ro Ship, By Bus Deck, and By Bulk Cargo Ship.

By Container

After technical improvement of the low bed trailer, TITAN has developed a container transportation plan for the low bed trailer. We can load the low bed trailer into the container by disassembling the gooseneck and frame, etc.

You can leave your information under specific circumstances, and our staff will introduce you with more detailed information and details.

Shipping Package Services of Low Bed Trailer

Shipping Package Services of Low Bed Trailer


By Ro-Ro Ship

Shipping low bed trailer by bulk or frame, frame shipping cost is higher, so bulk shipping is low bed trailer is also the most commonly used shipping method. We will spray a thick layer of wax on the trailer to reduce the damage caused by seawater erosion of the lowbed trailer during transportation. After the trailer is sprayed with wax, we will wrap the body with rain cloth, which is also to reduce the erosion of the semi trailer by seawater during transportation.

Shipping Package Services of Low Bed Trailer


Compared with various transportation methods, the container transportation time is shorter, and container transportation can ensure the state of the trailer is better than bulk cargo transportation. Therefore, it is recommended that customers choose container transportation.

Before delivery, all low bed trailers are tested for carrying capacity after production is finished. Below is the test video.


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