60 Ton Low Bed Semi Trailer for Sale in Zimbabwe Harare

TITAN Low Bed Trailer | 2021-02-26

Lowbed semi trailer is usually used to transport heavy vehicles, rail vehicles, mining machinery, forestry machinery, construction machinery. And other heavy-duty cargoes, the lower the center of gravity, the better the stability and safety, the stronger the ability to transport super-high cargo and pass overhead obstacles.

Low bed semi trailer also has a wide range of cargoes and is suitable for the transportation of various steel materials such as a variety of mechanical equipment, large objects, road construction equipment, large tanks, and power station equipment.

60 Ton Low Bed Semi Trailer for Sale in Zimbabwe Harare

60 Ton Low Bed Semi Trailer for Sale in Zimbabwe Harare

According to the number of axles and the size of the tires, the load of the Low Bed Semi Trailer is also different. The more axles, the greater the load. The load range is between 20-150 tons. Design the load-bearing surface of the frame according to user requirements to meet the transportation of various special goods.

The semi trailer frame is mainly composed of beams-welded I-beams, supporting beams, connecting beams, side beams, locks, traction pin connecting devices, panels, etc. The 60 Ton Low Bed Semi Trailer are also widely used and suitable for a variety of machinery Transportation of various steel materials for equipment, large objects, highway construction equipment, large tanks, and power station equipment.

 60 Ton Low Bed Semi Trailer for Sale in Zimbabwe Harare

60 ton lowbed semi trailer with spring ramp

The main structure of lowbed semi trailer

1. The side beams are generally channeled steel or bending parts. At present, most trailers use channel steel, and there will be more side beams for light body hanging bending parts because the strength requirements are not too large. The supporting beam is a through beam, and now most of them are W beams.

2. The traction pin is an important component that connects the 60 Ton Low Bed Semi Trailer to the tractor and bears the traction force and is connected to the traction seat. It is generally made of steel with a chromium alloy structure.

3. The general semi-trailer suspension is a non-independent steel stamping rigid suspension, which is composed of a series of leaf springs and suspension support to support the load and reduce the impact of the vehicle's cargo dynamic load. Due to the different uses of special vehicles, there are different requirements for the design of the suspension. There are four types of suspension commonly used: series-connected leaf spring balanced suspension, single-point suspension, air suspension, and rigid suspension.

4. The electrical system of the Low Bed Semi Trailer is composed of seven-core sockets, cables, gas circuits, various lamps, etc. It is used for lighting, safety warning and gas supply for brakes.

5. The support device of the low bed semi trailer is mainly used to support the trailer when it is detached, and is composed of legs and connecting brackets.

Detail of 60 Ton Low Bed Semi Trailer for Sale

Details of lowbed trailer for sale

Why Choose TITAN Low bed semi Trailer?

TITAN 60 Ton Low Bed Semi Trailer main beam adopts Q460C High Strength Steel Material

- Q460C steel has high yield strength, more durable and stronger than ordinary steel, and its loading capacity is 5 times more than the low loader which is built by Q345 steel. - Each ton of Q460C high strength steel costs double the price of ordinary Q345 steel material, ensuring that our TITAN lowbed trailer for sale will have a long service life and avoiding unnecessary maintenance costs.

Other factories lowbed trailer

- The yield strength of Q345 steel is just 345Mpa, so it can not meet the high loading capacity requirements and the main beam of the heavy haul trailer would be broken when the excavator trailer is overloading.

- Q345 steel is low-cost steel, with short service life, increase maintenance costs and also can not meet load requirements on different kinds of roads.

low bed semi trailer frame

low bed semi trailer production process

1. Main beam

500mm thickened Main Beam (Q460C high strength steel)

TITAN low bed semi trailer adopts 500mm main beam, effectively increase 10% loading capacity than the normal excavator trailer which uses 450mm main beam, and ensure the main beam resistance to twisting forces, shock and bump, meet load requirements on the bad road, even no road.

300mm width Main Beam 

TITAN lowbed semi trailer adopts 300mm width main beam, increase 20% loading capacity than the normal low bed semi trailer which uses 140mm width main beam, ensure driving smoothly. 

2. Side beam

300mm Height 'I' Steel Side Beam 

The side beam of low bed semi trailer adopts 300mm "I beam" design, and its loading capacity is 2 times more than the normal lowbed trailer which uses 250mm side beam.