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20 Foot Flatbed Drawbar Trailer
20 Foot Flatbed Drawbar Trailer

20 Foot Flatbed Drawbar Trailer

Full drawbar trailers include flatbed drawbar trailer, Flatbed full trailer, cargo drawbar trailer, interlink full trailer, draw bar fuel tanker trailer and dump drawbar trailer.


20 Foot Flatbed Drawbar Trailer Description:

TITAN flatbed drawbar trailer mainly used in construction, waste and transportation industries for the efficient transportation of materials and equipment.

Overall parameter tare weight 5500kg Payload 14000kg Dimension 6500×2500×1470(mm) Product 2 axle full trailer for heavy full trailer is safe, simple and durable, trailer itself is without power, need the tractor to tow it or forklift truck, full trailer greatly improve the effeciency of goods transfer,reduce the manpower cost.

flatbed drawbar trailer

flatbed drawbar trailer



Dimension: 7500mm*2500*1600mm

Loading capacity: 10~30 ton

Axles: 2X14 ton TITAN

Tire: 12R22.5, 8 units

King pin: 90# JOST

Landing gear: JOST C200

Brake system: WABCO Valve and relays/ABS

Suspension: Mechanical Spring Suspension

Container lock: 4units


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