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30T Stake Full Trailer
30T Stake Full Trailer

30T Stake Full Trailer

The loading part of the full trailer truck is equipped with stakes. TITAN VEHICLE produces the best livestock drawbar trailer for sale.

Product Description:

Full Trailer no interface to ensure the integrity of the main beam and make the main beam more durable.The side panels on the drawbar trailer can be disassembled, so it can also carry 40ft container as well centre mount 20ft containers.

30T Stake Full Trailer

30T Stake Full Trailer


Specification of Full Trailer:

Overall dimension:4800mm * 2500mm *2700mm

Axles:2 axles ,13t

Side walls height :1200mm

Tire:8 units

King pin:50#,90#



What is a drawbar trailer?

The truck only provides power to help the trailer overcome frictional resistance on the road. Full trailer can increase the loading capacity of lorry and reduce fuel consumption, thereby reducing transportation costs. In long distance transportation, it is common to hang a trailer (or multiple) behind the truck, which is a drawbar trailer.

The fuel consumption of drawbar trailers is low, and the fuel consumption of 100 ton kilometers is about 40% lower than that of trucks.


30T Stake Full Trailer details display video

30T Stake Full Trailer


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