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45 Cbm Silobas Trailer
45 Cbm Silobas Trailer

45 Cbm Silobas Trailer

Silobas also named cement bulker trailer used to transport various bulk powder cargo. TITAN produces the best bulk cement trailers for sale.

Silobas Product Description:

Silobas Trailer tank body is welded by gantry welding and all welds are welded at one time, Ensure vehicle safety and stability. Our tank trailers adopt Spray polyurethane coating, high adhesion, high color rendering, colorful.

All cement bulk carriers will carry out pressure test and metal flaw detection test after production to ensure good tightness of the tank.

Look at this whole trailer, it’s beautiful right? Because we adopt Polyurethane paint for our dry bulk tanker, It’s more bright and firm. The cost of this paint is twice than the normal, but we can guarantee that our paint won't fade in five years.

45 Cbm Silobas Trailer

50 tons payload cement silo bulker semi trailer for sale

45 Cbm Silobas Trailer

V shaped bulk cement powder truck trailer for sale



Dimensions:10000*2500 *4000mm

Payload: 50T

Axle: 3 axes

Diesel engine: Weichai brand

Compressor: Bohai

Main sales: 90#

Landing gear: JOST


Knowledge about truck and trailer:

What should I do if I suddenly encounter water on the road while driving?

Seeing that there is stagnant water in front, the driver should avoid in advance. Don't hit the steering wheel or brake suddenly. Sudden steering or sudden brake will easily cause the car to get out of control and become more dangerous.


Through these videos, you can learn about different types of bulk cement tanker trailers, such as 3 axle dry bulk tanker trailer, 30-ton fly ash tanker, 50cbm silo trailer for sale, and process, testing, packaging and customer feedback, etc.

45 Cbm Silobas Trailer


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