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Bulk Cement Tanker Trailer
Bulk Cement Tanker Trailer

Bulk Cement Tanker Trailer

Bulk Cement Tanker Trailer is made of T700 super high strength automobile steel. TITAN Silo Semi Trailer is resistant to high pressure and bumps.

Bulk Cement Tanker Product Description:

Bulk Cement Tanker Trailer the tank welding uses an advanced electric welder, the weld seam is more sturdy and smooth, and there is no open welding phenomenon, and the service life is longer. The cement powder truck tank body can be used for more than ten years.

TITAN silo semi trailer uses world-famous brand diesel-engine Weichai 4102 to help the air compressor work better, the discharging speed can reach to 1.6ton per minute, the cement allowance is no more than 50kg.

Bulk Cement Tanker Trailer

Silo semi trailer for concrete transport 50 cubic meters

Bulk Cement Tanker Trailer

60 ton fly ash cement bulker transporters truck trailer



Dimensions: 11800*2500 *4000mm

Payload: 60T

Diesel engine: Weichai brand

Compressor: Bohai

Suspension: Heavy Mechanical Suspension

Tires: 12 units

Main sales: 90#


Knowledge about truck and trailer:

When should we extend the safety distance?

1. Bad weather such as weather, heavy fog, rain and snow, etc., has low visibility. Increase the distance between two trucks.

2. The road conditions are not good. When accidents are prone to occur, the distance between two trucks should be increased.

3. When the load is relatively large, the braking performance of the vehicle is easily affected and the braking distance is increased. Therefore, when the load is heavy, the distance between the two trucks must also be increased.


Through these videos, you can learn about different types of bulk cement tanker trailers, such as 3 axle dry bulk tanker trailer, 30-ton fly ash tanker, 50cbm silo trailer for sale, and process, testing, packaging and customer feedback, etc. 

Bulk Cement Tanker Trailer


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