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Cargo drawbar trailer
Cargo drawbar trailer

Cargo drawbar trailer

Drawbar trailer for sale loading part is equipped with side wall, it carries 30 tons cargo. Do you want to know the fence full trailer price?

Product Description:

Drawbar trailer for sale is used to carry various containers and other cargos. High stability and mechanical strength allow the trailer to withstand a long time of use.This Cargo drawbar trailer is more convenient to drive on the road and easy to turn.

Cargo drawbar trailer

Our sales took a photo with fence full trailer

Cargo drawbar trailer

30T stake drawbar trailer for sale


Specification of drawbar trailer for sale:

Overall dimension:4800mm * 2500mm *2700mm

Loading Capacity:30T

Axles:2 axles ,13t

Side walls height : 1200mm

Tire:8 units

King pin:50#,90#



Truck drawbar trailers loading part has side wall to facilitate various bulk cargo transportation.

The production cost of the fence full trailer is low. A stake full trailer is 50 ~ 60% cheaper than the fence semi trailer.

Drawbar trailers only is more suitable than a trailer for transporting equipment that is rarely loaded or unloaded from the vehicle.

The drawbar trailers is easy to maintain, and the repair cost is low.


Cargo drawbar trailer


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