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Dropside Drawbar Pulling Trailer
Dropside Drawbar Pulling Trailer

Dropside Drawbar Pulling Trailer

Dropside drawbar trailer popular used in western African coutries. Cargo full trailer with sidewall for sale is durable and high performance.

Product Description:

Dropside Drawbar Pulling Trailer model is very flexible when driving on the road and is easy to turn. Advanced technology and strict production capacity make our semi trailer possible. The trailer chassis is automatically submerged arc welded to ensure a secure weld seal.

Dropside Drawbar Pulling Trailer

30T dropside drawbar trailer for sale

Dropside Drawbar Pulling Trailer

Full trailer with side wall cargo box

Specification of dropside drawbar trailer:

Overall dimension:4800mm * 2500mm *2100mm

Axles:2 axles ,13t

Side walls height : 600mm

Tire:8 units

King pin:50#,90#

Color: TITAN supports customization



The Side Wall Pulling Trailer garage has less investment, and the trailer itself does not need a garage.

Drawbar trailer with side panel is more suitable than a truck for transporting equipment that is rarely loaded or unloaded from the vehicle.

The fuel consumption of sidewall drawbar trailers is low, and the fuel consumption of 100 ton kilometers is about 40% lower than that of trucks.


Do you want to watch more videos about this trailer? Welcome to click “TITAN Drawbar Trailer” on Youtube.