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Fences Cargo Trailer
Fences Cargo Trailer

Fences Cargo Trailer

TITAN fences trailer uses custom high-strength steels that are stronger than conventional steels. Welcome to learn the best cargo semi trailer from China.

Fences Trailer Product Description:

Fences trailer has the fence-like structure and bodywork.

This cargo semi trailer designed to suit the kind of goods to be transported.

TITAN based on years of semi-trailer manufacturing experience, the stake trailer is more robust, has a long service life and is strong against load.

Fences Cargo Trailer

3 axles Grid Position Semi Trailer for sale

Fences Cargo Trailer

Flapper Semi Trailer with 1600mm side wall


Overall dimension:13000mm*2490mm*3200mm

Loading capacity: 60ton

Axles:3 axles, 13t

Tire:12.00R22.5/315 80R22.5

Stake sides : 1600mm(with open door for options)

Suspension:Heavy duty mechanical spring suspension

King pin:90#

Landing gear:JOST

Brake system: WABCO

Electrical system: 24V, LED lights


Tips for Grid Position Semi Trailer:

TITAN Flapper Semi Trailer Optional BPW Axle. TITAN offers BPW axles, FUWA axles, TITAN axles and other brands.

BPW axle is one of the best semi trailer axles, durable and basically no fault.

Many customers have a question after buying a TITAN fence semi trailer. How to adjust the brakes of the BPW axle?

Rotate the adjusting nut clockwise with a wrench.

After the brake shoe is pressed against the brake drum, turn the adjusting nut counterclockwise.

When turning 4 to 6 times, try to ensure that the gaps of each wheel are consistent.


Through the video below, you can learn about different types of fence semi trailers(like 3 axle fence trailers, 4 axle stake trailer and fence full trailer)

And the process, testing, packaging and customer feedback, etc.

Fences Cargo Trailer


3 axles fence cargo semi trailer details display video

Fences Cargo Trailer


If you need many videos, welcome click " TITAN cargo trailer " on Youtube.