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Flatbed Full Trailer
Flatbed Full Trailer

Flatbed Full Trailer

20ft flatbed drawbar pulling trailer with 2 axles for 20 feet container. TITAN produces the best flatbed cargo full trailer for sale.

Product Description:

Flatbed Drawbar Trailer. The floor of the loading part is a flat structure and without side wall.

One truck tractor can haul 2 to 3 full trailers at the same time. During transport interchange, the tractor unit can be exchanged quickly and the load delivered to the destination without delay.

High stability and mechanical strength allow the trailer to withstand a long time of use.

Flatbed Full Trailer

30 tons flatbed cargo full trailer for sale

Flatbed Full Trailer

20ft container flatbed pulling full trailer

Flatbed Full Trailer


Specification of flatbed drawbar trailer:


Loading Capacity(ton):≤30T

Axles:13T/per ,FUWA Brand

Tire:12.00R22.5 or 315/80R22.5

Draw Bar:4x4 or 4x6mm square tube ( length: 1.4m)



A towbar trailer is a trailer with at least two axles, with one axle for steering. the towbar can move vertically and be connected to the chassis, so it cannot withstand any vertical force. Drawbar trailer is unpowered and independently loaded. It is safety, simplicity and durability.


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