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Car Carrier Trailer

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Model analysis of Car Transport Trailer:

There are two main structural forms of vehicle transportation car transport trailers: the upper and lower layers are flat-mounted and can load 6 commercial vehicles; the lower layer uses one or two aircraft springboards and can load 7 commercial vehicles.

Since the old tractor is used to tow over-limit vehicles and transport car transport trailers, the horsepower of the tractor has reached 330 horsepower or more. Now it is equipped with a standard car carrier trailer with a specific power of more than 9Kw/t. The power is excessive and the fuel consumption is too high. 

On the other hand, the saddle height of old tractors is more than 1300mm, and some are close to 1400mm, causing the height above the gooseneck of the car transport trailer to be too high, and the loading space is too small, causing problems such as super-high loading or reduced loading performance.

In particular, many old tractors are 6X2, with a large rear turning radius, and the length of the gooseneck of the semi-trailer used with the vehicle transportation needs to be increased, resulting in a shorter loading length at the rear of the lower gooseneck.


TITAN Central Axle Car Carrier Trailer is Different, Mainly Including:

Column bearing type:

The front vehicle and the trailer each have four uprights to load, and there is no roof rail on the side of the body, which is convenient for loading.

Body side frame bearing type:

Columns, top longitudinal beams and side beams form an integral load bearing, and the body has good stability. The front and rear forces are dispersed and the structural strength is good.

Rear column cylinder + movable swing rod type:

The body structure is more concise, and the loading is more convenient, but the rear end of the upper platform shakes more from side to side. In order to increase stability, the root of the movable swing rod needs to be strengthened. Since the rear lifting mechanism adopts the cylinder straight-top type, the maximum height of the lower layer is relatively low, and the lower layer cannot be installed with high-roof vehicles, but can only be installed on the upper layer, resulting in a high center of gravity.

Vehicle transporter: convenient for short transfers in the city

When commercial vehicles are short-hauled in the city, or when it is necessary to transport less than 5 cars under special conditions, it will be very uneconomical to use vehicle transport semi-trailers or central axle transport vehicles to transport, and some urban roads cannot be driven here. In this case, it is more convenient to use the vehicle transporter alone.

At present, about a quarter of the users who purchase a center-mounted axle vehicle transporter propose that the vehicle in front needs to be used separately.

But in fact, it is inconvenient to detach the center-mounted axle vehicle transporter, and the rear-end structure and the design of the landing board are not ideal. In Europe, the center-mounted axle vehicle transporter is generally not used for detachment, because the center-mounted axle vehicle transporter The turning radius is small and the passability is good. The center-mounted axle vehicle transporter will still be used when the vehicle is short-hauled.

Car Carrier Trailer logistics companies need to choose whether to allow the front car of the center-mounted axle vehicle transporter with self-loading and unloading functions according to their own operating conditions, or to purchase a dedicated vehicle transporter separately.