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China Side Wall Trailer - Dropside Cargo Truck Semi Trailer For Sale Price


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What is a side wall trailer?

1.1 Most popular 3 axle 60 ton side wall trailer

Chapter 2: What are the types of TITAN dropside trailer?

2.1 Cargo semi trailer

2.2 Grain hopper trailer

Chapter 3: How to purchase a side wall semi trailer?

3.1 Working platform of dropside trailer

3.2 Axles and Tires of general cargo trailers

3.3 Suspension of high side trailer

Chapter 4: Shipment and transportation of dropside trailer

Chapter 5: TITAN dropside trailer has a longer service life than others


Chapter 1: What is a side wall trailer?

Dropside trailer developed on the basis of a container flatbed trailer, the drop side trailer has a side wall structure design and wide range of uses. It is mainly suitable for medium and long-distance transportation of medium and heavy and bulk cargo.

It has become the first choice for medium and long distance freight trailers. The cargo semi-trailer can be added with a container turn lock to transport the container.


Through the video below, you can learn about different types of side wall semi trailers(like 3 axle sidewall trailers, 4 axle high side trailer, grain hopper trailer, aluminum alloy side board trailer, 2 alxe side wall semi trailer with bogie suspension, dropside drawbar trailer)

And the process, testing, packaging and customer feedback, etc.


Most popular 3 axle 60 ton side wall trailer

Overall dimension: 12500mm*2500mm*3200mm(1000mm sidewall)

Loading capacity : 50-60ton semi trailer with side wall

Axles:3 axles 

Tire:12 units

Material: Q345B Steel

Suspension:Heavy duty mechanical spring suspension

Bottom Platform: 3mm-thick checkered plate

King pin:90#

Langing gear:JOST

Brake system : WABCO

Electical system : 24V , LED lights


Chapter 2: What are the types of TITAN dropside trailer?

The common structure of the grain hopper is divided into four types according to the axle: 2 axles 40ft grain trailer, 3 axles drop sided trailer, 4 axles platform trailer, and the multi-purpose high side trailer.

1. Cargo semi trailer

TITAN Side Wall Trailer is your ideal partner for multipurpose solution catering to vast range of applications including Cement Bags, Agri bags, Tiles, Jumbo bags, steel coils, pet coke, etc.

Its higher payload carrying capacity, better mileage and availability of different product variants catering to varying customer's needs. The vehicle provides you with longer tyre life, high fuel efficiency and less maintenance cost which gives you higher revenue and lower operating cost, substantially increasing your overall profit.

With ability to carry heavy loads with utmost ease and OEM assured body warranty, TITAN Side wall trailer is an ideal choice for your business.

Drop Side trailer for sale


2. Grain hopper trailer

Grain hopper trailers are used throughout the grain and harvesting industry to load and transport grains across the country. However, there are several styles of hopper trailers that you may want to use. These hopper trailers can be used for several different things, and you may want to use one of these trailers even if you do not work in the agricultural industry.

When you fill the trailer with grain, it can deliver that grain through the hopper in the base. The grain can be poured in from a large spigot, and the trailer has a cover that will prevent damage to the product on the inside.

When you deliver your product to the client, you can open the hoppers to pour out the grain. You can carry any grain in the trailer, and it will fall through the hopper easily. You can close the hopper at any time if you are only supposed to deliver a certain amount, and you can lock the hatch in place.

Grain hopper trailer for sale


Chapter 3: How to purchase a side wall semi trailer?

How to know the quality of a wallside semi trailer? The easiest way is to look at the weight of the cargo semi trailer. The heavier the weight of cargo trailer, the better the quality. The tata side wall trailer purchased by African customers self weighs is 7.8 tons. If the weight is only 6.7 tons, the cost of this general cargo trailers can save more than 1,000 dollars.

Here are a few more important points

3.1 Working platform of dropside trailer

The work platfrom is the main load-bearing part, which is composed of the main beam, side beam, cross beam, bottom floor, suspension and so on.

(1)The main beam should pay attention to whether the thickness is an international standard. The international standard for the main beam of a tata side wall semi trailer is 14/8/16 mm. The steel plate in the middle of the beam is made of Q345B manganese steel, the thickness is 8mm. Many unreliable suppliers will use 6mm main beam to save costs. But the carrying capacity was reduced by 26%.

The international standard thickness of the middle part of the beam must be 8mm.

Dropside trailer | Side Wall Cargo Trailer For Sale-TITAN Vehice


(2)Bottom Floor, many Platform semi trailer are also used to transport bulk cargo and other items. The bottom plate of the Titan Drop Side Body Trailers passes the international standard 3mm thick checkered plate. If it is replaced with a 2mm thick pattern plate or a 2.5mm bottom plate. Cost can be reduced by $ 700.

(3) Side door. The common height of side door is 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm. The side door adopts vertical corrugated structure.

The door frame is a 40x60mm rectangular steel tube.

3.2 Axles and Tires of general cargo trailers


The axles of dry cargo trailer for sale are divided into three types: 13-ton axles, 13-ton axles + 16-ton brake system axles, 16-ton axles,

The axle of the Titan drop side trailer is a 13-ton axle + 16-ton brake system axle, which has better braking performance and shortens the braking distance by more than 5 meters.


The 3 axle sidewall trailer uses a vacuum tire with better heat dissipation performance, the model is 12R22.5.

TITAN dry goods carrier trailer uses custom made tires in a tire factory., wear-resistant tires. On Chinese highways, TITAN tires can reach more than 300,000 kilometers.

3.3 Suspension of high side trailer

Suspension. TITAN multi-function trailer suspension adopts special high-strength steel. 6mm thickness. Center pin diameter is 70mm.

Stronger than suspensions in many factories.Stronger than suspensions in many factories.

Dropside trailer | Side Wall Cargo Trailer For Sale-TITAN Vehice


Chapter 4: Shipment and transportation of dropside trailer

Many customers use container shipment, which has low transportation cost and short transportation time. But the bad thing is that the rear of the side wall semi trailer needs to be composed.

Some customers are bulk freighter or ro-ro ships. Titan side board trailer will spray wax and cover the tarpaulin when the side wall trailer use bulk freighter.

Dropside trailer | Side Wall Cargo Trailer For Sale-TITAN Vehice

Shipping of semi livestock trailers


Chapter 5: TITAN dropside trailer has a longer service life than others:

1. Modular design, intelligent manufacturing

TITAN side wall trailer adopts advanced intelligent manufacturing equipment such as finite element analysis, modular design, laser cutting machine, robot welding, etc., from the design source to the product processing and manufacturing, the entire process is strictly required to ensure that every tata side wall trailer delivered to the customer. They are all high-quality and qualified products.

2. Pay more attention to safety and energy saving

The specific advantages are as follows:

1. The bracket adopts a high-strength material upper end closed design structure, which can meet the direct connection of the lower wing plate of a side wall semi trailer for container or cargo.

2. The platform semi trailer with side wall suspension adopts an internationally renowned brand, which has a long life and is more reliable in durability.

3. The guide arm can choose double leaf spring and single leaf spring. The optimized single-leaf guide arm structure, lightweight design, three bridges reduce the weight of more than 200 kg, and has good guidance and super reliability and stability.


TITAN side panel cargo semi trailer details


4. The guide arm bushing is made of inner and outer steel, and the middle vulcanized rubber design structure has stronger load resistance and more stable vehicles.

5. Reduce tire wear and fuel consumption. Under the same road conditions and load capacity, fuel consumption per 100 kilometers can be reduced by more than 1.2 liters.

6. Imported brake pads and implanted wear alarm device. Effectively guarantee the braking performance of the bulk cargo semi trailer during operation.

7. Brake discs containing alloy elements, anti-cracking, anti-wear and high temperature resistance. Super long warranty of 200,000 kilometers, maintenance-free, brake life up to 10 years and 1.5 million kilometers.

8. High-precision load bearing, long life and low temperature.


3 units flatbed trailer with long side wall for sale in TITAN factory


3. Green and environmental protection, anti-rust and more durable

There are no dead corners in the overall coating, the coating is more uniform in automated production, the inner side of the box and the warehouse sideboard are covered with coating, rust-proof and durable, and fully respond to the country's requirements for winning the blue sky defense war, and achieve green environmental protection.


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