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Fuel Tanker Trailer

What is a tank trailer?  Best tanker trailer for sale Buying Guide

Chapter 1: What is a fuel tanker trailer?

Chapter 2:  What are the common types of fuel tanker trailer for sale?

 2.1 What are the common types of fuel tanker trailer for sale?

 2.2. How many tonnage and volume of the fuel tanker trailer for sale?

 2.3 What can fuel tanker trailer for sale transport?

Chapter 3: What's the bottom filling of the Oil tanker Trailer?

Chapter 4:  How to maintain the gas tanker trailer?

Chapter 5: Marine transportation of oil tank trailer

Chapter 6: How much fuel is in a 45000liters tankers truck?

Chapter 7:Precautions for transportation safety protection of petrol tanker manufacturers' trailer!


Chapter 1: What is a fuel tanker trailer?

Fuel tanker trailer for sale are mainly used for transport liquid and oil. The tank body is generally made of carbon steel sheet, and it can also be made of aluminum alloy, stainless steel, polyethylene and other materials.

The tank body has sufficient strength. There are anti-shock plates inside the fuel tanker trailer for sale. There are manholes and liquid discharge valves in the tank accessories. One of our fuel tanker trailer for sale can transport two kind of oil, it can be divided into tanks. Common tank material is carbon steel Q345, thickness is 4mm-6mm national standard steel plate.

What is Fuel Tanker Trailer(how long | how much)?

35000 liters small fuel tanker trailer for sale


Chapter 2:  What are the common types of fuel tanker trailer for sale?

Fuel tanker trailer for sale are divided into oil transportation trailer and refueling trailer according to their functions. The difference between them is that refueling vehicles are equipped with refueling machines and can use for refueling.

Fuel tanker trailer for sale have different name, such as Oil tanker Trailer, fuel tank semi trailer, and propane tank trailer. The storage fuel tanker trailer for sale belongs to special purpose vehicles. It is mainly used for the transportation and storage of petroleum derivatives (gasoline, diesel, crude oil, lubricating oil, coal tar and other oil products).

2.1 What are the common types of fuel tanker trailer for sale?

Fuel tanker trailer for sale material: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, pure aluminum tank, rubber-lined, rotomolded, plastic tank, glass steel tank can also be used as required.

Fuel tanker trailer for sale body types: square, oval, round.

2.2. How many tonnage and volume of the fuel tanker trailer for sale?

Fuel tanker trailer for sale transport tonnages are 30 tons, 40 tons, 50 tons, etc. The volume of petrol tanker trailer often purchased are 30 cubic meters, 35 cubic meters, 40 cubic meters, 45 cubic meters, 50 cubic meters, 55 cubic meters, and 60 cubic meters.

2.3 What can fuel tanker trailer for sale transport?

Fuel tanker trailer for sale mainly transports gasoline, diesel, crude oil, lubricating oil, olive oil, soybean oil, olive oil, alcohol, edible oil. Fuel tanker trailers for sale can also be used to transport chemical products such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid and caustic soda. raw material.


Chapter 3: What's the bottom filling of the oil tanker trailer for sale?

Bottom loading system

What is Fuel Tanker Trailer(how long | how much


In the previous oil tanker trailer, we pour oil into the tank from the manhole above the tank trailer. Add a special oil pump at the rear of the oil tanker trailer to realize the reverse loading and unloading of diesel.

Now, in order to improve the safety, our oil tanker trailer production has all done the bottom filling process.

What is bottom filling? Important components for bottom filling: The main components of bottom filling are exhaust gas recovery system, anti-spill system, subsea valve, European standard tank mouth, control head, SO2 socket, anti-static system, bottom canned API connector.

European standard aluminum alloy tank cover

Aluminum alloy European standard tank cover is also manhole cover. It's usually on the top of the oil tank, the tank cover has built-in breathing and emergency exhaust functions. Our oil tanker trailer has oil and gas recovery valve, oil measuring hole, anti-overflow probe on the manhole cover, etc.

During the filling process of the anti-overflow sensing system, when the liquid level reaches the detection position, the sensing system will automatically alarm to stop the loading of the oil.

The built-in breathing valve keeps the internal pressure of the fuel tank trailer stable and balanced with the external pressure when transporting oil.
Its spill-proof design prevents tanker trucks from being sealed in the event of an accident.
When the pressure of the emergency exhaust device in the fuel tank rises sharply, it will automatically open to release the pressure in the fuel tank, thereby preventing accidents and greatly improving the safety of oil transportation.

What is Fuel Tanker Trailer(how long | how much)?


Subsea valve

Subsea valve(emergency shut-off valve). Simple operation, time saving, safety and environmental protection.

Pressure balanced subsea valve is used for multi-compartment tanker trucks, which can carry out separate loading and unloading of different tanks. The three-way design simplifies the pipeline, reduces the load, easy to operate, and safe and reliable.

The pneumatic shut-off valve is installed at the bottom of the tanker tank and can be refueled. The internal pressure of the valve is small, the flow is large, and there is a cut-out groove on the flange of the valve body. If the force is too large, the car body pipeline and the tank body will be automatically disconnected, and the automatic centering plunger and durable spring will still remain sealed, and the medium in the tank will not leak, thereby ensuring the safety of the oil tank.

When we can't open because there is no air source or other reasons, we can open the cylinder piston rod and open it manually.

What is Fuel Tanker Trailer(how long | how much)?

new and used tri axle oil tanker trailer for sale fertilizer tankers trailer manufacturers for sale auction


Chapter 4:  How to maintain the gas tanker trailer?

In addition to the normal inspection of the braking system and the lubrication system, the gas tanker trailer should also pay attention to the following points:

(1) Do not make the tire pressure too high.

If the tire pressure is too high, the ground contact area of the tire will be reduced. The tread wear will be severe, this will reduce the braking effect when braking. There is no doubt that this will affect driving safety; when the air pressure is too high, the tires will easily explode on bumpy roads.

However, too low tire pressure is not good. Too low tire pressure will accelerate tire wear, increase vehicle fuel consumption, and also affect driving safety and vehicle braking effect.

(2) Too much diesel or gasoline filling in diesel tanker trailer. Too much diesel or gasoline can easily block the breathing valve. As a result, steam cannot be effectively eliminated, and pressure is generated inside the tanker truck. Valve damage has occurred.


Chapter 5: Marine transportation of oil tank trailer

What is Fuel Tanker Trailer(how long | how much)?

Oil tanker trailer by ro-ro ships

Oil tanker trailer for sale usually adopt by bulk carriers or ro-ro ships. We spray wax on the tank. Cover it with waterproof rain cloth.

Some countries can also ship by container or frame cabinet.


Chapter 6: How much fuel is in a 45000 liters tankers truck?

45000Liters tankers truck is mainly used for large-scale oil transportation, and the tonnage is generally around 40-60 cubic meters.

Fuel tanker trailers usually have 2 axle semi trailer and 3 axle semi trailer. The square tank body of the 45000Liters tankers truck is made of Q235A steel plate, and the tank body has built-in multi-channel reinforced anti-wave baffle plates, and the lower end of the baffle plate has through holes to reduce the impact of the oil in the tank and increase the strength of the tank when the car is driving.

The mouth of the combined tank is located on the top of the tank. There is a small self-locking cover on the big cover, and a breathing valve is installed on the upper side of the big cover to ensure that the atmospheric pressure inside and outside the tank is consistent; it is equipped with static electricity to connect to the wire. 

3 Axle Fuel Tanker Trailer Price for Sale3 Axle Fuel Tanker Trailer Price for Sale

Install the oil pumping system, take the power from the gearbox side through the power take-off, self-priming and self-draining; with two oil pumping pipes, equipped with quick-fitting joints, suction range of 6 meters. Two fire extinguishers and special tools. The 45000Liters tankers truck is divided into two parts, the oil tank body and the frame or bracket that supports the tank body. Failure and repair methods:

1. Braking failure and slow braking

The gap between the brake shoe friction plate and the brake drum is too large, adjust the gap, the brake shoe friction plate is excessively worn, the brake shoe friction plate is replaced, the air chamber is damaged, and the air chamber air system is replaced Leakage of the dynamic system causes the pressure to drop. Check the leaking location, repair or replace the parts, and the emergency relay valve is not working properly.

2. The brake cannot be released, and the brake release is slow.

The system pressure is too low, increase the air brake system pressure to the specified value. The brake return spring is damaged, the spring pipe is blocked, and the emergency relay valve or quick release is checked and cleared. The valve is not working properly. Check and replace the brake cylinder and the stroke of the push rod is incorrect. 

3. Reasons for tire swing

Loose wheel nuts, tightening of axle bearings, sintering and damage, replacement of bearings, bending of axles, correction and replacement of axle bearings, too large clearances, correct tightening of bearing lock nuts, replacement of bearing grease on time, replacement of axle bearings; excessive tires Partial wear, the verticality of the axis of the axle and the center line of the frame is serious. Adjust the distance between the two ends of the axle and the traction pin as much as possible. 

Drawing of 42000L Fuel Tank TrailerDrawing of 45000Liters tankers truck

4. The rocking resistance of the crank is too large.

Poor lubrication, replenishing lubricating grease, bearing damage, replacing bearing gear Eccentricity or serious wear, disassemble and check the screw thread damage of replacement parts, replace the screw.


Chapter 7: Precautions for transportation safety protection of petrol tanker manufacturers' trailer!

1. Static grounding cannot be ignored.

From the petrol tanker truck trailer point of view, the main parts of static electricity are pumps, filters and pipes. The amount of static electricity generated by the tank truck filling system is much higher than that of the ground pipeline.

Relevant information reflects: If an underground pipe with a length of 250m and a diameter of 100mm is used to pump oil at a flow rate of 2500L/min, the amount of charge from the fueling gun is generally only, but after passing the tanker, the amount of charge is exceeded.

This static electricity is mainly generated It is used for the filter of the oil tanker, so if the petrol tanker trailer is not connected to the ground and the loading and unloading operations are carried out, the oil tank body can carry a voltage above 10kV;


Therefore, for the hidden danger of static electricity, the following measures must be taken:

①Connect the grounding wire before filling the oil, and always check its integrity and grounding resistance whether it meets the anti-static standards.

②When filling the oil, the crane pipe must extend to the bottom of the oil tank. The distance between the pipe mouth and the bottom of the tank should be kept at about 15cm, and the initial filling velocity should be strictly controlled within 1m/s until the oil outlet is submerged. The maximum flow rate shall not exceed 4.5m/s to prevent electrostatic accidents caused by splashing;

③After filling the oil, the earthing must be disconnected after the oil has stabilized for 5 minutes. After the oil is installed, the oil level will remain for a few minutes as the oil flows into the tank.


2. Avoid petrol tanker trailer engine temperature is too high

It is necessary to check the technical condition of the vehicle frequently, focusing on the safety parts of the vehicle, and it is strictly prohibited to drive a sick vehicle on the road. When driving a vehicle in hot weather in summer, you should always pay attention to the change of the water temperature gauge.

Generally, it should not exceed 95°C. Especially when the vehicle is loaded or driving on mountain roads, you should pay more attention to prevent the engine from overheating. If the temperature is too high, you should stop in a cool place to cool down in time. You can lift the engine cover to ventilate and dissipate heat.

After the temperature drops, check whether the engine cooling system lacks water and causes high temperature. When the coolant is boiling due to overheating of the engine or lack of water, do not immediately turn off the engine. Stop the engine and run the engine at idle speed. When the temperature drops, turn off the engine, and then open the radiator cover with cotton yarn or gloves to prevent the boiling of the cooling water from burning your hands and face.


3. Watch the tire temperature when driving a tanker

It is not advisable to drive for too long in summer. You should check the temperature of the tires while parking and resting properly every two hours or after driving a certain distance; when you find that the tires are overheated and the pressure rises, you should try to park the car in a cool place or under the shade of a tree.

Let the tire cool down naturally, and do not use deflation or pouring cold water to reduce the tire pressure and temperature. In addition, emergency braking should be avoided as much as possible when driving in summer, and it is strictly forbidden to overload vehicles. A sudden puncture during driving is a hidden danger for safe driving in summer. When a tire burst occurs, you must not turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction or step on the brake pedal suddenly in a panic.

Try to use the method of "grabbing gear" and use the engine caliper (commonly known as engine brake) to slow the vehicle; Before controlling the speed of the vehicle, do not take the risk of using the service brakes to stop the petrol tanker trailer to avoid greater danger when the vehicle swings horizontally.


4. Emergency measures for brake failure of semi trailer fuel tank

During driving, the brake pipeline is prone to air resistance, rupture, or insufficient brake fluid or air pressure, which can cause brake failure and failure, posing a threat to driving safety.

When the driver discovers that the petrol tanker trailer suddenly fails or fails to brake, he should be calm and calm, hold the steering wheel firmly, immediately release the accelerator pedal, implement drag braking of the engine, and use the steering to avoid obstacles as much as possible; at the same time, use the parking brake or "grab Try to slow down and stop by means such as “shift”.

If it is a hydraulically braked vehicle, you can step on the brake pedal multiple times in order to build up the braking force to produce a braking effect. Do not use the parking brake to tighten the control lever at one time. It is easy to "lock" the parking brake disc once tightening, which will damage the transmission parts and lose the braking force.