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Used Dump Trailer

New & Used Dump Truck Trailer | Semi Tipper Trailer for Sale by Owner

1. What is used dump trailer?

A dump truck, known also as a dumper truck or tipper truck, is used for taking dumps (such as sand, gravel, or demolition waste) for construction as well as coal. For the cost of ownership and operation, dump trucks are a major investment for many companies.

The used dump trailer carriage adopts rear-dump and side -dump self-unloading methods, which improves the efficiency of the bulk cargo transport by the loader.is a vehicle that unloads goods by hydraulic or mechanical lifting. It is composed of automobile chassis, hydraulic lifting mechanism, cargo compartment and power take-off device.

Tipping trucks are mainly used in civil engineering, often combined with excavators, belt conveyors and other construction machinery to form a loading, transportation, and unloading production line for earthwork, sand, and bulk materials. The loading and unloading transportation work; of course there are many other tractor tipper trailer such as mine dump trucks used to transport coal mines, sand and gravel; sanitation green dump trucks used to transport garbage and so on. It brings great convenience to people's production and life.

New & Used Dump Trailer Truck | Used Semi Tipper Trailer for Sale by Owner

New & Used Dump Trailer Truck | Used Semi Tipper Trailer for Sale by Owner

2. Different types of used dump trailer

There are four types of tipper semi trailer: rear tipping semi trailers, side rock dump semi trailer, skeleton dump trailer, and flatbed type tipping trailer.

The used dump trailer manufacturer’s hydraulic dump trailer can be customized from 15 tons to 80 tons, 80 tons to 120 tons,  120 tons-180 tons of different tonnage according to the different cargoes.

The volume of the used tipper semi trailer can be customized according to the needs of the customers. The common volumes are 30 cubic meters, 32 cubic meters, 35 cubic meters, 45 cubic meters, 50 cubic meters, 60 cubic meters, 80 cubic meters and so on. Such as 15m and 20m3 tipper trailer for sale.

Semi tipper trailer:

Dump trailers will help you move and unload bulk cargo in a very simple and effective way. Especially when dealing with large jobs. Through carefully designed unloading mechanism, operation safety can be well maintained.

Rear used dump trailers are also called rear dump trailers. They are usually used to carry building materials such as sand, stones, ore, and scrap iron.

Lifting principle: The tractor gearbox uses an external power take-off to pressurize the hydraulic oil pump. The hydraulic oil pump controls the hydraulic oil pressure to achieve the lifting or lowering of the hydraulic cylinder. Generally, it can be fully lifted in 30 seconds to achieve unloading.

It is important to note that the length of the dump truck cannot exceed 12m. Because the roadbed is not hard enough, the longer it is, the easier it is to overturn and cause the tipper semi trailer to be scrapped.

New & Used Dump Trailer Truck | Used Semi Tipper Trailer for Sale by Owner

side dump semi trailer

The side tipper is designed to fall sideways for a reason, and you may be forced to unload in areas where there is not enough space.

In this case, you can use side dump trailer to help save space. The load capacity of the side tilted dumper may be greater than that of the rear tractor tipper trailer.

End dump trailer: its body length can be 8 meters to 12 meters, according to customer needs.

Side tipper: suitable for large workplaces, its maximum carrying capacity can reach 80-100tons.

New & Used Dump Trailer Truck | Used Semi Tipper Trailer for Sale by Owner

Dump truck

1. Mine place: According to your requirements, the engine can choose 290 ~ 420hp. Choosing a short wheelbase improves the strength of the frame and the passability of the vehicle. For the self-unloading system, you can choose mid-top or front-top.

2. Urban buildings: These trucks usually drive on urban roads with a travel distance of less than 200 km. 336hp or 380hp engine power is the best choice. Choose 6 × 4 or 8X4 tractor according to the load capacity.

3. For transportation distances over 200 kilometers, it is best to use 8X4 to load more goods.


In the process of connecting the tractor to the used dump trailer, attention should be paid to the connection between the tractor and the semi-trailer in all aspects, mainly in the connection between the traction seat and the traction pin and the connection of the electrical circuit.

New & Used Dump Trailer Truck | Used Semi Tipper Trailer for Sale by Owner

3. TITAN tipper trailer capacity, specifications, drawing

Name: 3 axle rear used dumper trailer

Overall dimension:9500mm*2500mm*3900mm

Capacity :  35CBM

Axles:3 axles

Suspension:Heavy duty mechanical suspension

Tipping system: 196 hydraulic cylinder

Tire:12 units

King pin:90#

Landing gear:JOST

Brake system: WABCO

Electrical system: 24V, LED lights

New & Used Dump Trailer Truck | Used Semi Tipper Trailer for Sale by Owner

30cbm tipper semi trailer drawing

New & Used Dump Trailer Truck | Used Semi Tipper Trailer for Sale by Owner

80 ton dump truck trailer technical parameter drawingUsed Semi Tipper Trailer drawing

5 Axle Used Semi Tipper Trailer drawing


4. Shipment of TITAN dump truck trailer

To prevent the TITAN dump truck trailer paint from being corroded by seawater, TITAN sprays a layer of wax on the surface of the dump trailer before shipping, and then seal it with a waterproof rain cloth.

package of semi tipper trailer

package of semi tipper trailer

5. Components of the hydraulic lifting system of end dump trailer

The used rear tipping semi-trailer train is mainly composed of a tractor and a semi-trailer. The tractor is connected by a saddle and a semi-trailer to form a semi-trailer train. The rear dump trailer hydraulic lift system is mainly composed of power take-off (transmission), hydraulic pump, lift valve, pneumatic control valve, limit valve, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic oil tank, high (low) pressure oil pipe and so on.

Rear trailer hydraulic lifting principle: Operate the tractor tipper trailer transmission power take-off device to drive the hydraulic pump.The hydraulic pump sucks the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic oil tank through the low-pressure oil inlet pipe and generates high-pressure oil for output.

The high-pressure oil output by the gear pump enters the poppet valve through the high-pressure oil pipe.

The lift valve sends high pressure oil to the oil cylinder or discharges it into the hydraulic oil tank under the control of the air control valve, thereby achieving the functions of lifting, stopping and lowering the hydraulic oil cylinder.

used rear tipping semi-trailer details

used rear tipping semi-trailer details 

6. How to Connection of saddle and traction pin?

Before connecting, carefully check whether there is enough lubricating grease on the surface of the saddle plate of the tractor, and whether there are other foreign objects on the traction pin and traction skateboard of the semi-trailer, to ensure the cleaning of the traction skateboard.

1. Adjust the support legs so that the semi-trailer traction skateboard is compatible with the height of the traction saddle. Generally, the semi-trailer traction skateboard is 1-3 cm lower than the center of the upper plane of the traction saddle of the tractor. Otherwise, sometimes not only can not connect, but also damage the traction seat, traction pin and related parts.

2. Operate the locking mechanism of the traction base to open the locking block into a free state.

3. When the tractor is going backwards, the centerline of the tractor and the semi-trailer should be consistent, and carefully adjust until the tractor and semi-trailer are successfully towed.

4. Check whether the locking block of the traction seat has locked the traction pin and whether it is locked firmly.

5. Slightly advance the tractor and check whether the connection is good.

New & Used Dump Trailer Truck

Details of New & Used Dump Trailer Truck

7. How to improve the safety of dump trucks?

Although used dump trailer owners drive carefully, traffic accidents still occur. In traffic accidents, the most frightening thing is used dump trucks. Due to the high quality, difficult braking, and large blind spots, the loss caused by accidents is unimaginable. However, as long as the safety performance of the dump truck is in place, the safety is still guaranteed.

Brake configuration

The end used dump trailer has a heavy weight and long braking distance, especially after loading the cargo. However, in the current dump trucks, there is no upgrade of the vehicle in this configuration, which makes the safety performance unchanged. The brake pads of the dump truck have been greatly upgraded in this respect, and they are also equipped with an ABS anti-lock brake system, which makes the braking distance of the vehicle shorter and the safety more guaranteed.

Tire pressure monitoring configuration

As the only part of the tipper semi trailer that contacts the ground, the tire pressure actually affects the safety of the vehicle to a large extent, but the dump truck transportation generally has a long working cycle, and the driver will be very tired after working for a long time, so I will not pay attention to these details. The change of vehicle tire pressure will affect the fuel economy and safety of the vehicle. If the tire pressure is not kept within the normal range in time, it may cause an increase in fuel consumption or a tire burst.

The driver can keep track of the tire pressure of the vehicle at any time, so as to adjust in time, so as to avoid the loss caused by the tire pressure being too high or too low, and driving is safer.

Anti-rollover configuration

Dump truck rollover is a common traffic accident. The body of the triple axle dump trailer is not easy to control and it is difficult to turn. There are not many rollover accidents. Moreover, in rainy or snowy days, the driving conditions are complicated and problems are more likely to occur.

The front and rear axles of the car chassis are now equipped with stabilizer bars to prevent rollover, which greatly improves safety performance, and there is also a lateral dual hydraulic shock absorber under the cab, which also has the prevention Roll function.  

New & Used Dump Trailer Truck

8. Precautions for operating heavy duty dump trailers

(1) The hydraulic tank of the TITAN end dump trailer auction is a special lifting cylinder. Don’t use the cylinder as a stable support for the dump trailer body.

(2) Do not leave the cylinder exposed to the air for more than 2 hours (more than 30 minutes in humid air) in a lifted state, otherwise it will cause oxidation and rust of the cylinder;

(3) It is forbidden to disassemble and adjust the relief valve on the lift valve, otherwise the hydraulic system will lose its safety protection function and cause an accident.

(4) When the dump truck load cargo, we should ensure that the front and back and left and right loading are uniform. If you have too much cargo in front, it can overload the hydraulic system.Too much cargo is loaded behind the trailer, which will cause the vehicle to tip over when unloading, and the left and right partial load will easily cause the cylinder to tip over.

(5) When unloading, please make sure that the ground around the light weight tip trailer is solid and flat, keep the triple axle dump trailer stable, and ensure that the main dump truck and the Scrap Tipper Trailer are in a straight line;

(6) During the lifting operation, the operator cannot leave the operating position, and no one can stand or walk in the vicinity of the work area;

(7) During the lifting operation,  the operator must pay attention to the influence of lateral wind, because the long body of the dump semi-trailer will cause the dumper trailer to roll over under the effect of lateral wind;

(8) Don’t make the height of the cargo exceed the back door. Be sure to open the rear door locking device before lifting and unloading, otherwise the cargo will be crowded at the rear of the tractor tipping trailer and the vehicle will tip over when unloading;

(9) When unloading at temperatures below 0 degrees, it is important to pay attention to whether the cargo frozen, otherwise the rear dump semi trailer will roll over due to imbalance between left and right when unloading;

(10) Do not move the dump tipper while the dump trailer is in the lifted state, and don’t use the emergency braking method to unload sticky goods, otherwise it will cause the tractor tipping trailer to roll over or damage the oil tank;