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Wheat Flour Tanker Trailer
Wheat Flour Tanker Trailer

Wheat Flour Tanker Trailer

Flour Tanker For Sale with the latest design,strong and sturdy, the Bulk Cement Tank Semi Trailer can be used for more than ten years.

Flour Tanker Product Description´╝Ü

Flour Tanker with special design, the bulk cement tank semi trailer body makes the tank body intake faster, the discharge speed is faster, and the residual amount in the tank body is also less, Improve work efficiency.

TITAN's Wheat flour trailer has the advantage of fast loading and unloading. It only takes 26 minutes to unload 40 cubic meters of cement.

Wheat Flour Tanker Trailer

50 ton food powder wheat flour tanker trailer for sale

Wheat Flour Tanker TrailerFlour tanker trailer detail, strong and beautiful

Wheat Flour Tanker Trailer



Dimensions:10000*2500 *4000mm

Payload: 50T

Axle: 3 axes

Diesel engine: Weichai brand

Compressor: Bohai

Main sales: 90#

Landing gear: JOST


Tips of bulk cement tank semi trailer:

Reasonable use of glass water

I believe many people are familiar with it. Glass water is mainly divided into three types: glass water for summer, antifreeze glass water in winter, and special antifreeze glass water.

Some truck drivers do not consider it necessary to use glass water, so some people use glass detergent or water instead of glass water. However, this is very harmful to glass.

Long-term use will corrode the rubber tube, accelerate the hardening of the wiper blade, and cause damage to the wiper system.

the scratched front glass will affect the visibility of the car, and the scratched glass is very high.


Through these videos, you can learn about different types of bulk cement tanker trailers, such as 3 axle dry bulk tanker trailer, 30-ton fly ash tanker, 50cbm silo trailer for sale, and process, testing, packaging and customer feedback, etc.

 Wheat Flour Tanker Trailer


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