3 Axle Low Bed Trailer

3 Axle Semi Lowbed Trailer with Folding Ladder


TITAN 3 axle semi lowbed trailer ensures the safety of transportation, enables the optimal selection of the center of gravity of the goods and ensures their stability during movement.

This 3 axle semi lowbed trailer has a special design, that is the semi low bed trailer is eqquiped with folding ladders, which can effectively reduce the difficulty of climbing, when the heavy eqqiupment is moving.

TITAN semi lowbed trailer for sale are widely used in long-distance transportation. Low-bed tractor trailers have a greater load capacity and are mostly used for the transportation of large cargo. It is mainly suitable for the transportation of various mechanical equipment, road construction and large steel products.

TITAN 3 axle semi lowbed trailer with folding ladders adopts three-axle balance type. The specific method is to add a mass balance block between the front and rear leaf springs, so that the deflection changes of the front and rear leaf springs are equal. Make the force on the front and rear axles even.


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