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5 Axle 120 Ton Lowbed Trailer will be sent to Ghana

5 Axle 120 Ton Lowbed Trailer for Sale In Ghana

5 Axle 120 Ton Lowbed Trailer for Sale In Ghana


Ghana customer purchased TITAN lowbed trailer for the first time, the customer mainly transported 120 ton of goods and machinery. The sales manager sean recommended the customer to use 5 axle 120 ton lowbed trailer according to the customer's needs.

The customer compared the quotations of 5 suppliers, Sean helped the customer to analyze and compare the lowbed trailers of other manufacturers, and the customer finally chose a few days later TITAN 5 axle 120 ton lowbed trailer.

TITAN 5 axle lowbed trailer will be tested and video recorded and sent to customers, Ghanaian customers are very satisfied with this.


5 Axle 120 Ton Lowbed Trailer for Sale In Ghana

5 Axle 120 Ton Lowbed Trailer for Sale In Ghana


There are two types of 5 axle 120 ton lowbed trailer ramps, namely, a mechanical ramp and a hydraulic ramp.

Mechanical ramp: A manual mechanism or a spring is used to lift the ramp to the right height. 5 Axle 120 ton lowbed trailer mechanical ramp is cheap and easy to maintain.

Hydraulic ramp: With this type of ramp, 5 axle 120 ton lowbed trailer of hydraulic cylinder is used instead of a spring to lift the ramp. 5 Axle 120 ton lowbed trailer hydraulic ramp is efficient and easy to use. You can move heavy cargo fast with a hydraulic ramp. However, the ramp is more expensive than a mechanical ramp. 

Loading test of 5 axle 120 ton lowbed trailer for sale. All heavy haul trailer is tested for carrying capacity after production is finished.


5 Axle 120 Ton Lowbed Trailer for Sale In Ghana

5 Axle 120 Ton Lowbed Trailer for Sale In Ghana


The main reason is the cost of production:

1. Different accessories.

Accessories of different brand materials will directly lead to price differences. For example, the price of tires of different brands will be different, the price of axles of different brands is very large, and the difference between foreign brands and Chinese brands will be 1500 US dollars.

Besides, the rim will also cause a large price gap for 5 axle lowbed trailer for sale. The application of aluminum alloy rims has become more and more popular with customers. A record of over 12 pounds has confirmed that The steel ring is about 240 kilograms light, but the price gap will also be more than a thousand dollars.

TITAN tri axle low loader trailer for sale adopt world famous brand spare part, ensure high quality and save costs. Like WABCO braking valve, JOST landing gear, FUWA axle and other small parts. Every quality accessory increases costs.

For trailers of the same type and weight, the price will vary greatly depending on the strength of the selected steel. TITAN 3/4 axle low loader trailer main beam adopts HG high strength steel, our main beam is thicker than other brands, and the price gap is around 700 US dollars. The side beam is designed in an “H” shape and welded with HG 60 steel. We use this high-cost beam for only one purpose, which is durable.


5 Axle 120 Ton Lowbed Trailer for Sale In Ghana

5 Axle 120 Ton Lowbed Trailer for Sale In Ghana


TITAN side beams are all made of T700 high-strength steel, and the low-plate side beams are 300mm high, 140mm wide, and 8mm thick "H" design.

There is also the side beam here for the tires. We used a whole piece of double web reinforcement at the tires of the rear axles. Other plants are usually reinforced individually, which is not aesthetically pleasing or strong enough. Because this will narrow the height of the edge beam here, it is very easy to deform and break under heavy load.

Even if it does not break, it will be very easy to deform. After the side beam is deformed, the tire will be worn out, causing the 5 axle lowbed trailer to not drive normally.

The structure connecting the side beams and the girders is a big scale, which effectively connects the girders and the side beams into a whole. We uses 6mm thick high-strength steel.

Moreover, at the welding place with the beam, we have set up a reinforced vertical plate, which can effectively prevent the deformation of the vertical plate caused by pressing down on both sides. The diagonal support of the side beam is a 6mm thick manganese plate, which adopts the "H" shape high-strength steel welding process, and there is one every 50cm.

Most other companies use the channel steel diagonal supports and large scales of the container flat plate, but the channel steel model is increased. The disadvantage is that the bearing capacity is not enough, and it is easy to deform and break.


You can download video, you can learn about different types of lowbed semi-trailers, like 2axle, 3axle, 4axle lowbed semi trailer, hydraulic ladder lowbed semi trailer, etc. As well as the process, testing, packaging and customer feedback, etc.

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