Wind Blade Trailer

Wind Turbine Blade Transport Trailer


3 lines 6 axles Wind turbine blade transport trailer, transporting large blades of model 121-156, length 59.5-76 meters, maximum 80 meters, weight within 13-23.5 tons, the center of gravity within 23.5 meters.

Wind tower adapter trailer can move the latest wind turbine blades in such a way that they can be transported safely and efficiently in wooded or built-up areas, in the mountainous areas in narrow streets. Rotor blades can be picked up, raised up to an angle of almost 60°, swiveled and rotated by 360° around their own axis using this adapter, which is mounted on a self-propelled vehicle or between modular axle lines.

Wind turbine trailer mainly includes wind blades, nacelles, hubs and towers, and each component is an over-limit item for ordinary road transportation, which requires professional wind turbine blade transport trailer for transportation and assemble a wind turbine. So wind turbine transportation companies need it.