3 Axle Low Bed Trailer

60 Ton Tri Axle Low Loader Trailer


As a low loader trailer manufacturer, TITAN offers you tri axle low loader trailers that are perfectly suitable for heavy transport which is common in construction and industry. These low loader trailers are multifunctional, partly due to their excellent manoeuvrability. Also for the transport of heavy machinery, such as excavators and road construction machinery this trailer is a highly prefered means of transport.

TITAN low loader trailer for sale has different capacities, such as 60 ton low loader trailer, 80 ton low loader and 100/120/150 tons heavy load low loader trailer for sale. Each type uses a different number of axles from 2 axle low loader for sale, tri axle low loader trailer for sale, 4 axles low loader and 5, 6 axles.