What Should I Look for When Buying China 40000 Liters Petrol Tanker Trailer?

TITAN VEHICLE | 2021-09-09

Petrol tanker trailer are used to transport liquids and gas in large volumes. The trailers come in different models because of the wide variety of liquefied loads. The internal structure also varies depending on the type of liquid or gas that the trailers are designed to transport. The tanks may be pressure or non-pressurized and insulated or non-insulated.

Petrol tanker trailer designed to carry one load has a single compartment while those that carry multiple loads have internal divisions in their tanks.

The distinguishing factors of 40000 liters petrol tank trailers include the shape of the tank, the type of load that a trailer carries, and the size. Other distinguishing factors include refrigeration capability, pressurization capability, and acid resistance.

Some models are specifically designed to comply with a country’s regulations on the transportation of liquefied loads. Hence, the structure of 40000 liters petrol tanker trailer will vary across countries. However, the functionality of the trailers is the same regardless of the manufacturer.

What Should I Look for When Buying China 40000 Liters Petrol Tanker Trailer for SaleWhat Should I Look for When Buying China 40000 Liters Petrol Tanker Trailer for Sale

The efficiency principle: 

Petrol tanker trailers with different compartments can transport different kinds of liquid at the same time. This reduces the transportation cost and saves fuel because the trips are reduced to one.

Transporting each liquid in a different petrol lorry tanker trailer is more expensive and inefficient. Trailers with multiple compartments can transport different grades of gasoline in one trip. A service station can receive all the products needed in just one trip.

To ensure stability: 

A liquid fluctuates in all directions in the tank when the trailer is running on a slope. If the fuel tank trailer has a large capacity, the fluctuations will cause major changes in the center of mass.

This, in turn, will cause major changes in the axle load, which affect the stability of the truck and trailer. The instability may cause the trailer to jackknife or roll over. Using a multi-compartment model reduces the chances of the axle load and hence keeps the trailer stable.

3 Axle 40000 Liters Petrol Tanker Trailer for Sale Manufacturer3 Axle 40000 Liters Petrol Tanker Trailer for Sale Manufacturer

How to Buy 40000 Liters Petrol Tanker Trailer

1. Standard and Certification

The standards and certification requirements of petrol tanker trailers price vary across countries. You need to check the requirements in your country before purchasing a tank trailer.

If you fail to check the standards and certification, you may buy a tank trailer that you cannot use in your country. The standards in most cases outline the dimensions and safety measures that tri axle petrol tanker trailers  must have to be used in the country.

Government bodies certify brands based on their quality and safety. Confirm if the manufacturer’s brand of petrol tanker trailers is allowed in your country. Some manufacturers have different models of the same type of trailer with varying specifications. You need to check the standards for the requirement for the species you intend to buy.

Drawing of 40000 Liters Petrol Lorry Tanker Trailer Drawing of 40000 Liters Petrol Lorry Tanker Trailer 

2. Inspect the supplier’s strength

3 Axle petrol tanker trailers may meet the standard and certification requirements in your country but fail to meet your needs. Tank trailers transport flammable gases and liquid.

Hence, you must be careful to pick trailers with high-quality tanks. The manufacturer must follow the right production step without skipping steps to ensure that the final product is safe.

Any leakages of liquid or gases in transit are risky to the driver and other road uses.

Some of the worst road accidents involve petrol tank trailers that leak and burst into flames. Avoid manufacturers that do not follow production procedures. Many of them cut off some procedures to save the overall production cost.

Drawing of 40000 Liters Bitumen Tanker TrailerDrawing of 40000 Liters Bitumen Tanker Trailer

What You Should Notice During Maintenance of a Tank Trailer

Valves and pressure gauge:  Always check all the valves including the hydraulic, safety, vacuum and pressure valves. Ensure that each valve functions as it should and is properly lubricated. All the valves should have no residue or corrosion. Check the pressure gauge as well to ensure that it is in good condition and working properly.

Tank: The most important aspect to consider when maintaining the tank is leakage. Inspect the tank for any holes that may cause the gas or liquid to leak. Seal any leaking parts on the tank. Check for any bents or deformations on the body of the tank. The tri axle petrol tanker trailer body should be smooth and even. Clean the tank regularly and polish its surface to prevent rust.

Tires: Maintaining tires regularly to avoid rollovers. Inspect the tires for wear and any damages and replace any worn-out tires. Ensure that the air pressure is at the right level at all times.

Bolts: Tighten all the bolts during maintenance including the shock-absorbed bolts, u-bolts, and slewing ring bolts. Every bolt in the 40000 liters petrol lorry tanker trailer must be tight enough to maintain its strength and stability. Replace any damaged bolts with new bolts and ensure to pick the right dimensions.

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