Tri Axle Cement Bulk Carrier for Sale in Zimbabwe-Drive the Cement Bulk Carrier Safely

TITAN VEHICLE | 2020-10-14

Pay Attention to the Safety (Tips) When Driving a Cement Bulk Carrier

1. Frequently check whether the operation table is working properly to avoid over-rotation and damage to the air compressor and power take-off (specially for powder tank bicycles).

2. Always check the safety valve to ensure that the pressure relief starts at 0.2Mpa, and the pressure in the tank must not exceed 0.2Mpa.

3. Always pay attention to whether the pressure gauge is working properly, and prevent the pressure gauge from malfunctioning and overpressure, and the tank body will burst and leak.

4. Always listen to the sound of the power take-off and the air compressor. If there is abnormal sound, stop the machine immediately to eliminate the fault.

cement bulk carrier

Tri Axle Cement Bulk Carrier for sale in Zimbabwe

Stay Away from the Explosion Accident of the Cement Bulk Carrier

The pressure of the tank body of a cement tank truck is generally controlled by man. Explosion accidents are mostly caused by improper operation. Here, we solemnly remind that operators of cement tank trucks should pay attention to the following points:

1. Bulk cement carriers are prone to excessive pressure during the entire discharge operation, which can be divided into three situations: the discharge valve in the pressurization stage before discharge is opened late, resulting in excessive pressure; early discharge due to air supply greater than The discharge volume of the tank body is easy to cause excessive pressure; the pipeline blockage during the discharge process is easy to cause excessive pressure.

2. If you need to open the lid of the pneumatic carrier tank trailer, you must ensure that there is no pressure difference between the inside and outside of the tank (observe the pressure gauge pointer is "0") to operate. When the negative pressure is in the tank, the cover cannot be opened due to huge pressure, and it is more dangerous when it is overpressure (positive pressure). If it is opened rashly, it may be accidentally killed by flying.

cement bulk carrier

Tri Axle Cement Bulk Carrier for sale in Zimbabwe

3. During loading and unloading operations, the operator needs to monitor the pressure and discharge conditions in the tank at all times, and must ensure that the air compressor is in good working condition. During the ash discharging process, the state of the pressure gauge and the pressure relief valve must be kept in mind!

If it is found that the pressure in the tank exceeds the specified pressure, pressure reduction measures shall be taken immediately. Many drivers like to sleep at this time or leave the scene, which is very dangerous. During the loading and unloading process, if there are abnormalities in the air compressor or pipeline valves, emergency stop measures should be taken immediately to stop the work to ensure foolproof.

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Thousands of Roads to Drive-Safety First

1. The powder tanker has been sealed for a long time. When restarting, the air compressor should be started and air blown 2-3 times. After the experiment is correct, make a record, and then ship the cement.

2. It is strictly forbidden to open the feed port cover when there is air pressure in the powder tanker tank. The vent valve must be opened first. The pressure display value is zero to confirm, and the feed port cover can only be opened when no gas is released from the outlet pipe.

3. When the pressure value of the powder tanker is 0.196mpa, open the discharge valve to unload the bulk cement to the ordinary warehouse on the flat ground (when there is no joint). If necessary, the pressure should be lower.

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4. It is strictly forbidden to use braking methods to increase the loading capacity of powder tankers.

5. When the powder tanker is loaded with bulk cement, the feed inlet should be equipped with a filter device to prevent agglomerated cement, paper bags, cotton yarn and other foreign matter from entering the vehicle tank and causing difficulties when unloading the bulk cement.

6. Check the air compressor frequently to see if there is any leakage of lubricating oil. If it is missing, it should be refilled in time to avoid damage to the air compressor.

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7. When unloading bulk cement, the operator should pay attention to the pressure gauge change not to exceed the specified value (2mpa).

8. When loading and unloading bulk cement, it is strictly forbidden to have idle personnel standing around the bulk cement truck.

9. The powder tanker should keep the conveying hose and joints in good condition.