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2 Axle 40 Ton Lowbed Semi Trailer
2 Axle 40 Ton Lowbed Semi Trailer

2 Axle 40 Ton Lowbed Semi Trailer

12600 USD

2 Axle 40 Ton Lowbed Semi Trailer is widely used in the heavy transportation and construction industry, Lowbed Truck For Sale can increase your income

SKU: 2 Axle 40 Ton Lowbed Semi Trailer
Brand: TITAN

Product Description:

2 Axle 40 Ton Lowbed Trailer Trailer main beam adopts HG high strength steel, with high loading capacity and also improve lowbed truck for sale capacity to twisting forces, shock, bump, and meet load requirements on bad road condition.

TITAN 2 axle low bed trailer with spring ramps

TITAN 2 axle low bed trailer with spring ramps



Loading capacity :40 ton

Overall dimension:11500mm * 2500mm *2900mm

Axles:2 axles

Tire:8 units

Steel: HG60 high strength steel

Ladder:Manually operated



low bed trailer truck knowledge:

The original intention of predicting driving is safe driving. Under safe driving, the driver can have more energy to drive the fuel!

Fuel-saving driving requires both driver and vehicle considerations, so the low bed trailer truck needs to be properly maintained and the vehicle can always be kept in optimal operation according to the mileage.

2 axle low bed trailer maintenance needs us to learn more knowledge about trailers, which is beneficial for safe driving.

The driver has mastered the ability to predict driving and can make a judgment before the accident to avoid risk, which is conducive to safe driving.

It is very helpful to save fuel by reducing the number of stops and controlling the average speed of the car.


Through this videos, you can learn about different types of lowbed semi-trailers,like 2axle,3axle,4axle lowbed semi trailer,hydraulic ladder lowbed semi trailer,etc.As well as the process, testing, packaging and customer feedback, etc.

Lowbed semi trailer




Wanangwa from Zambia - 2022-01-06T11:01:45+0800
I have contacted Sunny to purchase multi units 2 axle 40 ton lowbed trailer again. This lowbed trailer is just as sturdy as it looks in the pictures. Note: This lowbed trailer was packaged well with all pieces intact.